Creating a new product is a pretty intuitive process.
Login, click on Products and Add New Product. Now you just have to add pictures, a name, a short description(not required) and and a long one, and all that stuff.
You can add video and audio players in your long description field. Just insert your media link (Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo, etc) and it’s done.
Even though we’re directed towards digital products, you have the option to control your stock. It’s helpful if you decide to create a limited edition or something like that.
You will probably want to mark your product as downloadable.
You can also add variations with price differences to your products.
The next area is for shipping and tax calculations for physical products and will be active soon. Nothing happens if you change those for now.
You can also control your product’s visibility on the site, add a purchase note to your customer, and choose if you want to accept reviews on this specific product. Only confirmed buyers will be able to write reviews.

If you still have any doubts you can contact us.